JKE Students Townhall Program and AKJ Session II presentation 2023/2024 was held successfully on 13 February 2024 at the Main Pearl Hall, which involved all JKE students. This program was also attended by Deputy Academic Director, Dr. Setiawan bin Hardono, as well as Lecturers-Lecturers of JKE, PMJ. The primary objective of the program is to introduce and convey important information and information related to the Department to the students.
The program started with a video presentation of getting to know JKE in general, high-impact activities that have been carried out and introducing the line up of department lecturers. Next, the welcome speech was delivered by Mr. Mohd Nazrul Effendy bin Mohd. Idrus as the deputy Head of Department emphasizing the achievements of JKE throughout 2023 and student involvement in activities carried out at PMJ. This program is also injected with motivational words to continue excelling in studies at Politeknik Mersing through a speech from TPA, Dr. Setiawan bin Hardono who is also an alumni of Politeknik Malaysia.
Next, the AKJ presentation event was delivered by Dr. Setiawan bin Hardono and Mr. Mohd Nazrul Effendy bin Mohd. Water. Congratulations to the outstanding JKE students. May the students of JKE continue to excel in the future. Also delivered was the OBE Briefing, Discipline Briefing and Final Project Briefing. Event ended with photo session.
Congratulations to all AKJ recipients. May it be a catalyst to continue success.